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The objective of history and development is to let readers understand the road map what S-Conn has done during the past years, and what we are planning to do in upcoming digital era.

Through years of experiences, we start to supply our products world-wide to major OEMs, manufacturers, system builders, installers and resellers. We learn to know how significant and how important the connectors and assembled cables are to our life.

Driven by our customers’ needs, we come to develop all the managerial experience, knowledge, and skills to provide competitive interconnection solutions during the service to them. In order to meet the future trend of vast exchanging needs of information and provide customers with seamless service, a cable assembly line was built up in 2002. To provide more value-added service to global customer, in recent years, we have expanded our key competences to include diverse industries such as Metal Parts, RF/Microwave Connector, Cable Assembly, Antenna, Data-communication Installation Kits, and Structured Cabling Systems.

TNC R/A Bulkhead Push-On Plug Cable: RG405 and more....

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